Screensaver Software

Soft2Home, Inc. produces high-quality screensavers for Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP computers. We have released several series including the Nature Series, Animals Series, Place Series, Car Series, and the Holidays Series. Other series and screensavers are under development.


Free Trial

You can download and try all of our screensavers for free.

The trial version of any screensaver shows 30 percents of all images in it & unlimited time of use. 30 percents are approximately 10-15 images only. The any trial screensaver has NAG status bar also, to remove it your should register a screensaver. If you have enjoyed using the screensaver and wish to keep it, you can purchase it online or by other ways. Click on Online Store to learn more.



See below. If in column 'STATUS' specified 'Free', signifies given screensaver does not require registrations and payment.